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Every third day in India is a festival - the reality of this statement is evident from the numerous festivals famous in India with great religious fervor. The major festivals in India mark diverse occasions important in the culture of India like the start of new seasons, new crop or harvest, the story or the Indian culture of a particular state/region. The festival tours of India take you to a trip of Indian culture. With every festival you find out a new blend and the veiled historical legacy, which breaks the ice with the future events of the festival.

Festival Tourist spots in india
Culture of india

As a tourist, you could have festival tours of India. We at Tourism of India offer you the most excellent Festival Tours of India. We also give you in advance, the hotel accommodation and the pre-arrangements required to initiate that festival tour. You have the option of the following festival tours to India:

Ambaji Badra Purnima
Buddha Purnima
Chhath Puja
Desert Festival Jaisalmer
Durga Puja
Elephant Festival
Ganesh Chaturthi
Gangaur Festival
International Kite Festival (Ahmedabad)
International Kite Festival (Jodhpur)
Konark Dance Festival
Mahavir Jayanti
Naag Panchami
Phoolwalon Ki Sair
Raksha Bandhan
Rath Yatra
Rongali Bihu
Saraswati Puja


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