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Religion : Hindu
Celebration : Lord Ganesha
Known for : Energy of power
Time of the year - August/September
Duration - 10 days

Ganesh chaturthi at maharastra
Lord Ganesh


Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival in honour of Ganesh, the God of good fortune and new beginnings, the elephant headed son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, often referred to as Ganupati. This festival is particularly significant for Hindus from Maharashtra and is celebrated in a major way in Mumbai. Celebrations can last one, five or ten days, and will conclude with the immersion in water of the image of Ganesh.


Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated in big style in some areas of India. If you happen to visit India during this festive period you will be amazed at amount of work done for the celebration. In some areas the preparations would be made at least one to two months before it starts. Images of Ganesh are put up everywhere. Lights and flower garlands are also used to decorate the images.

Ganesh Chaturti is the last day of the festival, thousands of people take part in the procession when the image of Ganesh is taken to the river. This ceremony of immersing the clay image into the river is called Ganesha-Visarjan.

While this is being done drums are played and songs are sung. The idol is then plunged into the water, this marks the end of the ten-day festival.

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