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Define Colosseum

The most recent gladiatorial clashes happened in 435 CE and the last living thing hunts stopped in 523 CE. It was 1st and foremost due to the cost of procuring animals and gladiators and maintaining the comfortable facility.

More than 100, thousand cubic met. Of travertine stone were used for the outside wall of Colosseum which was set without gun held together by three hundred tons of iron clamps.

Colosseum Design was built near the gigantic figurine of Colossus which was division of the Nero’s Park. The present name was resulting from the sculpture of Colossus.

Based on chronological evidences, it shows that 200 bullock carts were used to carry marbles to the construction site. The total quantity of marbles used for the building of the Colosseum was estimated at 100,000 cubic meters. Getting millions of visitors every year, the Colosseum is the most famous tourist attraction of Rome.

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