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Angkor Wat

“Angkor Wat” is a safe haven of Brahmanism located in the south out of Angkor Thom. This shelter was designer in the reign of King Suriyavoraman II in order to adoration Vishnu God . Later, the priests exist in here so it was so-called “Angkor Wat “. Angkor Wat is a magnificent and good-looking place that be named “one of the World 7 Wonders “. The archaeologists take for strong-willed that Ankor Wat may be the place where the leftovers of King Suriyavoraman II have been kept because it looks west.

The king built this huge place to be the sanctuary to worship Vishnu God in Brahmanism who was the God he worshiped. Ankor Wat is chosen to be one of the World Heritages by the UNESCO in 1992.It is praised to be one of the Seven Wonders of modern world.

Next to the peripheral porch to the second-layer veranda, there are blunt-top stupas at the four corners surrounding the most center veranda which is situated on the stone base. There are also big stupas at the four corners of veranda surrounding the central sanctuary. This most interior veranda is considered to be the residence of God. Only the king and monks with high rank can step onto this veranda. Besides, this is the place to hold the ceremony of setting up the king to be God.


  • Angkor Wat means “City Temple”
  • Angkor Wat is dedicated to the God, Vishnu
  • Angkor Wat is as hard as rock
  • Extensively decorated
  • Angkor Wat is oriented to the West
  • Angkor Wat is a restored city

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