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Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus and so a holy site to Christians around the world. The city also is significant to Jews because it is the inhumation place of the matriarch Rachel and the birthplace of King David. Samuel anointed David king in Bethlehem (I Sam. 16:1-13) and David was a progeny of Ruth and Boaz, who were married in Bethlehem.


The location, merely 5 miles to the south of Jerusalem, had been switched onto the Palestinian Power because of the 1995 Israeli-Palestinian Meanwhile Arrangement. Bethlehem incorporates a inhabitants of approximately 50, 000 persons, using the Muslims having a slight the vast majority. Within Hebrew, the location is actually Choice Lehem ("House of Bread" ) and, within Arabic, it can be Choice Lahm ("House of Meat"). For years and years, Orlando pilgrims have built the estimated at 3 hour or so stroll coming from Jerusalem for you to Manger Square. Nowadays, the trip generally will start on the section within Abu Tor and earnings along the Hebron Highway.

Manger Square is the focus of activity of Christmas celebrations not once, but 3 times a year. In addition to the traditional Western celebration which begins on Dec 24, the Greek Orthodox mark their Christmas on Jan 6 and the Armenian observance is on Jan 19.

The Church of the Nativity
The Cathedral from the Nativity was built-in the actual next hundred years with the mother from the Byzantine Emperor Constantine. Helena in addition was anyone in charge of the actual building from the Cathedral from the Holy Sepulcher with Jerusalem. Today's building, the actual oldest chapel with Israel/Palestine was reconstructed in the sixth hundred years with the Emperor Justinian (527-565) and further mended with the Crusaders.


The church has a Beautiful history. When the Persians invaded in 614, they left the church intact, legend has it, because they were moved by a painting inside of the Nativity story depicting the Wise Men of the East in Persian clothes. King Edward IV of England donated wood from English oak trees for the ceiling. He also contributed lead to cover the roof, but that was taken by the Turks, who melted it down to use as ammunition in their war against the Venetians.

Bethlehem City