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The PortAventura is a theme park in the resort of Salou, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, on the Costa Daurada ("Golden Coast"), approximately an hour south of the Barcelona. The PortAventura was conceived and built as a joint effort by the Tussauds group (Alton Towers), Anheuser-Busch (Busch Entertainment Corporation) and Universal Studios.


In 1997, Universal bought up most shares in the park and the park was rebranded as 'Universal's Port Aventura'. In 2000, 2 hotels and a water park (Costa Caribe) were constructed, and the place was further rebranded as 'Universal Mediteranea'. In 2004, NBC Universal (Universal Studios' parent) sold all interest in PortAventura. The PortAventura is now owned and operated by the Caixa banking group's investment vehicle Criteria, but as of 2005 the Universal name has been dropped from the branding, and the resort was once again named 'PortAventura' (the space in the name is deliberately left out for trademark reasons). It is the biggest resort in the south of Europe. It has 2 airports within 30 minutes of it, including Reus Airport. There is a train station for PortAventura which has connections to Barcelona and Salou.

During seasonal events like Christmas and Halloween, the PortAventura opens seasonal walkaround rides or shows, including the mazes: Psycho Circus, the Horror in Penitence, La Mina del Diablo and La Selva del Miedo

  • La Mina del Diablo is a horror maze situated in the area of Mexico since 2006. Enter in a forbidden mine in Mexico.
  • La Selva del Miedo is the largest maze in Europe. The area Polynesia close at 19:00 to accommodate this event.
  • Horror in Penitence is the home of terrifying zombies. This walk is themed on a ghost town.
  • Psycho circus is 3-D maze under Stampida. physicians formula fake out review This walk is based on a circus.
  • Coktail sé moon is a wonderful sit down at 12:00 dark for the older citizens to have some piece and quiet.
  • The main novel focuses on amusement, with the release of 3 new shows to commemorate 15 years of the theme park. The festive spirit will be breathed in every corner of the park through the decoration of the 15th anniversary and the presence of animations throughout the park.
  • Thus, the Gran Teatre Imperial China will host PortAventura LIVE!, A show based on dance and acrobatics that reflect the essence of PortAventura and represent a trip to the five thematic areas of the park. To achieve this special show for 15 years, shows China Town and Rhythms of America were not made in 2010.
  • The area of Far West, a favorite of visitors, also will host two new shows. Long Branch Saloon in the tireless dancers Can Can encourage the public Forever Can-Can, a review of the best choreography of the 15 year life of the park.
  • Also in the theater The Western Stunt Show, an assault on the coach will be the starting point of the exciting dash of West Bang Bang, performed by specialists who will perform acrobatics on horseback that is sure to leave viewers speechless. This show replaces the veteran Fort Frenzee.
  • The Work has begun on the new area the PortAventura theme: Sesame Street! A world full of imagination, color, fantasy, amusement, games, restaurants and entertainment that will teach the little ones (and also the largest) values of the famous international hit children's program. The PortAventura will join Universal Studios replica watches made in switzerland Japan and Busch Gardens, the only in Europe, and of the privileged few parks in the world with an area dedicated to Ernie, Bert, Elmo and company. It plans to open the area during the period 2011 to attract children from all over Europe. Sesame Street's investment will be around €12 million and will be between China and Polynesia

The Dragon Khan is a steel sit-down roller coaster located in the PortAventura theme park in Salou, Catalonia, Spain. The Dragon Khan boasts eight inversions; this was a world record. The record was broken in 2002 with the opening of Colossus in Thorpe Park, United Kingdom, which has 10.

The ride built by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) opened on May 2, 1995 and was one of the 2 roller coasters that the Port Aventura had when it opened. The track is red with white and pastel blue supports; the trains are green blue and purple .After boarding the ride, riders climb to the top of the lift hill before plummeting back down to earth and straight into a 125-foot-tall vertical loop (38 m), followed by a diving loop, a zero-G roll, and a cobra roll. Riders then get a short break at the ride's trim rolex replica 100 euro brakes before coming back down into a smaller vertical loop and then onto the last 2 inversions - the interlocking corkscrews. The ride then pulls up into the brake run before re-entering the Chinese-themed station. The track is 4,165 ft long (1,269 m), and the ride's top speed is over 65 mph (105 km/h). The ride's duration is 1 minute and 45 seconds.

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