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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Pleasure Beach, Blackpool formerly 'Blackpool Pleasure Beach' is a family owned amusement park and resort situated along the Fylde coast in Blackpool, England. The Pleasure Beach is the most visited amusement park in the United Kingdom, and one of the top twenty most-visited amusement parks in the world with 5.5 million visitors in 2007.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Pleasure Beach is owned, directed, managed and produced by the Thompson family. In 2003 the park opened the Big Blue Hotel, a four star hotel, making the park part of an official resort. In 2010, the company announced Nickelodeon Land which will feature numerous family sized rides and attractions based on the Nickelodeon Brand. The major attractions at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool include:

  • Pepsi Max Big One: The UK's tallest roller coaster, built by Arrow Dynamics.
  • Infusion: A Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster and the world's first constructed entirely over water.
  • Irn Bru Revolution: Europe's first fully inverting roller coaster.
  • Grand National: A twin tracked racing wooden roller coaster, opened in 1935
  • Valhalla: The world's most expensive dark ride
  • Wild Mouse: One of only three remaining wooden Wild Mouse roller coasters

The Pleasure Beach is situated along the South Shore area of Blackpool along the Fylde coast, adjacent to the promenade, opposite the South Pier along Ocean Boulevard and directly above Watson road. The main entrance is to the front of the initial park and approximately 38 metres from the Pleasure Beach Casino. The ticket sales is opposite the entrance and is adjacent to the Globe Theatre. The main car park is to the left side of the White Tower restaurant, behind Valhalla and to the right of the Grand National station. The additional coach park is to the back of the park adjacent to the trim break section of the Pepsi Max Big One and in front of Nickelodeon Streak. Numerous self catering kiosks are situated near to the entrance of the park. The entrance plaza is directly behind the Casino building and is themed to correspond with the Noah's Ark ride which site on top of the structure. The park is lined with tall metal gates that connect to the entrance building and the main gift shop, underneath the Noah's Ark ride. The staff entrance is towards the back of the park, behind the Grand National. Blackpool Pleasure Beach railway station is nearby.

The Pleasure Beach is presently home to nearly 40 rides and attractions, including 12 roller coasters, of which 5 are wooden - the Grand National, Big Dipper, Rollercoaster, Wild Mouse and Blue Flyer. The newest roller coaster, 'Infusion' was opened in 2007. When it opened in 1994, Pepsi Max Big One was the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster of any park in the world. It was also substantially one of the longest, measuring 5,497 feet long

The Pleasure Beaches numerous food stalls, restaurants and cafés including the 'Italian Job' Italian themed restaurant, and the UK's largest Burger King chain restaurant, with 2 levels. It also owns the 'White Tower Restaurant' a tall white building near the front of the park, which became private at the end of 2008.


  • Pasaje Del Terror - Opened in 1998. Interactive horror attraction within the Casino.
  • Horror Crypt - Attraction themed around a haunted residence.
  • Bowl-a-Drome - Standard PPR Bowling Attraction located near to Been Street FY4.
  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not! - A PPR attraction which deals in bizarre events and items so strange and unusual that readers might question the claims.
  • Pleasure Beach Arena - An ice rink open all year round.
  • Arcades and Midway Sideshows
  • Gallery @ The Globe
  • Spectacular Dancing Water Show - Fountain opened in 2009. Every twenty minutes it performs a dancing water show.

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