Famous Tourist Spots in Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Orissa Map

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, is also popularly known as the “Temple City of India“. Being the seat of Tribhubaneswar or ‘Lord Lingaraj’, Bhubaneswar is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. The Places to be visited in Bhubaneswar are Jagannath Temple Puri, Konark Sun Temple, Chilika Lake, Puri Beach, and Bhitarkanika National Park. Hundreds of temples dot the landscape of the Old Town, which once boasted of more than 2000 temples. Bhubaneswar is the place where temple building activities of Orissan style flowered from its very inception to its fullest culmination extending over a period of over one thousand years.

The new Bhubaneswar with its modern buildings and extensive infrastructure perfectly complements its historic surroundings. With facilities to cater to every type of visitor, Bhubaneswar makes an ideal tourist destination.

Best Time to visit: October to March.

Handicrafts of the Region:

  • Twin hills of Kumargiri( Khandagiri and Udaygiri)
  • Cactus garden

Places to be visited:

Surya Mandira (SUN Temple)

Ancient Temples:

  1. Lingaraj Temple
  2. Parsurameswar Temple
  3. Rajarani Temple
  4. Rameswar Temple
  5. Satrughaneswar Temple
  6. Vishnu Temple

Modern Temples:

  • Baya Baba Matha
  • Ram Mandir
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir


  • Buddha Jayanti Park
  • Forest Park
  • Gandhi Park
  • S.P. Mukherjee Park
  • Subas Bose Park


  • Kalamandir
  • Sambalpuri Bastralaya
  • Bazar Kolkata
  • Vishal Garments
  • Bazar Kolkata

Fairs and Festivals:

Fairs / Festivals Place Period
Shiva Ratri Bhubaneswar, Atri February – March
Khandagiri Mela Khandagiri January – February
Ashokastami Bhubaneswar March – April
Ramanavami Odagaon, Bhubaneswar March – April
Jhamuyatra Kakatpur April – May
Anla Navami Sakshigopal October – November