Top Travel destinations in the year 2012

While every person is an individual, but there is much in common. Travel is a sweet experience; a time to employment, learn and take pleasure in. You want to feel good about the people you buy from – not only financially, but knowing that you are really getting what you want; the most excellent advice and the most suitable products and services tailored for you. Here we list out some places which was attracted by the tourist lover in the year 2012

Travel Destination in 2012




London England
  • The Royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee
  • Olympics 2012
World of the Maya Mexico
  • End of a 5,126-year cycle on the Long Count calendar
  • Guatemala (which George Lucas used as a location in the original “Star Wars”)
Yangon Myanmar
Chicago USA
  • 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
  • NATO summits
  • Group of Eight summits
  • Ryder Cup
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean islands
Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • The horticultural expo
  • Gardens in Keukenhof
Atlantic Canada Canada
  • The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic