Tourist Places in Algeria

Algeria formally the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is a countryside in the Maghreb. In terms of earth area, it is the prime country on the Mediterranean Sea, the biggest in the Arab globe and second-major on the African continent after Sudan, and the eleventh-largest country in the world.

Kasbah quarter, Algiers


Kasbah quarter, Algiers is one of the traveler magnetisms in the city. Algiers is a international city and is the center of Algeria. It put forwards a host of attractions to the tourists thereby making it a famous tourist spot. You can view some of the most remarkable structures while you are on a travel to the city. While going around the city, you must definitely visit the Kasbah quarter, Algiers. This is the most traditional part of the city and tourists visit the place to see the many old structures that are located here.

Kasbah quarter, Algiers is the citadel of the capital. Kasbah is a tiny city that was built on a mount and which goes down to the ocean. The city is separated into2: the low city and the high city. The streets are coupled to each other by a no of alleys. The houses that line the streets are ended of stone and are whitewashed. These are square and flat topped structures. There are no windows in the houses. Instead there are a few slits in the walls which have iron gratings. There is the quadrangle in the center of the house and which can be reached by a narrow doorway. The shops are not separate structures but openings in the walls. You would get a wide variety of products in these places. Some of the products include embroidery and ornaments in gold and silver. This place has a mixed population comprising Arabs, Jews, Moors and Negroes.

Ketchaoua Mosque


Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers is one of the locations that you must visit while you are on take a trip to the city. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and it offers a host of tourist attractions to the visitor. It is situated by the Mediterranean Sea and there are various structures that are spread throughout the city. You are sure to have a wonderful time here exploring the many monuments and historical marvels that are located in the city. One of the sites that you must visit while you are on tours to the city is Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers

Monument of Martyrs

Monument of Martyrs

Monument of Martyrs, Algiers is one of the most prominent tourist magnetisms in the city. Algiers, the busy capital of Algeria is a superb tourist blemish. With many historical structures scattered throughout the city, you are sure to have a nice time while you are here. The many monuments with their grand exteriors and well decorated interiors would remind you of the rich past of the city. One of the monuments that you must visit while you are on a travel to the city is the Monument of Martyrs, Algiers.

Notre Dame d’Afrique

Notre Dame d'Afrique

Notre Dame d’Afrique, Algiers is one of the most excellent tourist desirability’s in the metropolitan. Algiers is a well-known tourist spot in Algeria. The city situated by the Mediterranean Sea is the capital of the country. It is home to many chronological structures and you are sure to have an interesting time exploring the many beautiful monuments that dot the skyline of the city. Besides sightseeing you can also indulge in shopping for some outstanding handicrafts while you are on tours to the city. While on a visit to the city, do not forget to visit the Notre Dame d’Afrique, Algiers which is a magnificent monument.

Notre Dame d’Afrique, Algiers, also branded as Our Lady of Africa, is the cathedral of the city. It is the counter piece to Notre-Dame de la Garde which is positioned on the opposite side of the Mediterranean Sea in Marseille. The constitution was opened in 1872. It took 14years to be completed. It was proposed by the famous architect Fromageau. The memorial is built in a mixture of Roman and Byzantine style that was the predominant style in vogue in France. The floor plan of the monument is such that the choir is located towards the southeast side of the building instead of the usual east side.

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