Most Visited Tourist Places In India

When we talk about historical places are about tourist places India stands tall in it.Since its a unity in diverse country all around the people can visit it without any hurdles.In India we have all types of climatic and barrier condition.Like as the place with highest rainfall in the world(Cherrapunji),the driest place on the earth(Thar Desert) and we have coldest place  like Kashmir.A list keeps on adding on !!!. And don’t forget that Northern part of India hosts Himalayan Ranges snow capped mountains.

I have listed some of the Places to be visited in india .Hope you have a tremendous vacation when you visit India.

And don’t forget that Northern part of India hosts Himalayan Ranges snow capped mountains.

1. Goa :

India’s smallest state by area.Goa is India’s richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole.Goa is mainly for pristine beaches were 90% of peoples around world will come to visit it.It  has two main tourist seasons:winter and summer.In the winter time,tourists from abroad (mainly Europe) come to Goa to enjoy the wonderful climate. In summer(which, in Goa, is the rainy season), tourists from all over India come to spend the holidays.goa is mainly for orchards and water.And foodstuff are too good especially wine.History speaks that Portuguese peoples have lived here.

Places to be visited in goa are :Top 3 Beaches (Calangute ,Anjuna ,Colva),Waterfall ,Church ,Mosque and so on.

2. Kerala : (Keralam)

It’s also known as God’s Own Country.Kerala is also one of the most popular and favorite location of many travelers and foreigners because of the beaches, hills stations and the misty cool climate.The place is famous for backwaters ,green plants,Ayurvedic treatments.Malayam is the official  language spoken.

Places to be visited are : (Munnar, Trivandrum,Kochi,Allapuzha,Thekaddy,kottayam,Munnar).

3. Delhi :

Delhi being the capital of India.It’s always at the top of charts for every people.Delhi is divided into Old Delhi and New Delhi.The places are famous for captivating ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, architectural wonders, a vivacious performing-arts scene, fabulous eating places and bustling markets.New Delhi on the other hand houses many government buildings and embassies, apart from places of historical interest.Delhi being a hub for the political views.Peoples make the visit to the  places around the Delhi like Agra ,Amritsar,Jaipur and so on.

Places to be visited are : ( Lotus temple,Humayun’s Tomb, Connaught Place, Akshardham temple,India Gate in Delhi).

4. Himalayas :

The term “Himalaya”is a Sanskrit word which literally means “Abode of Snow” Himalayas is a hilly and mountain area region placed in between 5 Countries namely Bhutan,India,Nepal,People’s Republic of China, and Pakistan where the 1st three countries are inside India most of the places belongs to  having sovereignty over most of the range.the Three world’s major rivers,The Indus,The Ganges, and The Tsangpo-Brahmaputra all rise near Mount Kailash to cross and encircle the Himalayas this mountain separates the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau.

Places to be visited are : ( Gurudogmar Lake,Sunset at Nuptse,Trekking is a main thing to be done).

5. Varanasi : (Kashi) :

Varanasi also known as Benares,Banaras,situated near banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. It’s an holy city for Buddhists and Jains.Varanasi is placewhere both death and life come together.Hindus believe that death at Varanasi brings salvation.Since it as unique culture varanasi is visited by tourist as there wanted to known more about our culture and the period of it.Since there follow old culture Rickshaw is a good transport for the people who want to visit varanasi,so that it can take the people to ancient period.Many of the sights are in the tiny narrow winding alleys of the waterfront.The lord work-shipped is Lord Shiva.

Places to be visited : (Temples(The Durga Temple, Benaras Hindu University)Waterfront,Traveling by Rickshawand the Ramnagar Fort).

6. Jaipur :

It’s also refereed as Pink City and Paris Of India,when it was painted pink to enchant the Prince of Wales in 1876.The place is famous for architecture and town planning.The city is a combination of Ancient and Modern city.Peoples can see Camel in roadside where its seen allover the jaipur and people wear a vibrant costumes.So tourisers gets attracted easily to it.The business done by people there are Jewelery and Diamond.

Places to be visited are :Hawa Mahal,Jal Mahal, Lakshmi-Narayan Temple, Albert Hall,Jantar Mantar.

7. Ajanta Caves :

Ajanta is world’s greatest historical monument recognised by UNESCO World heritage site.The Ajanta Caves was discovered by a British Captain,John Smith in 1819 and is situated in Maharashtra.There 2 types of caves namely Ajanta and Ellora Caves.The Ajanta caves are dedicated solely to Buddhism.Ellora caves has 34 caves with intricate interiors and ornamental facades. Ajantha & Ellora are 28–30 rock-cut cave monuments created during the first century BC and 5th century AD.

Places to visit are : (Paintings and caves of Ajantha and Ellora,Camel ride ).


Historic Places In India

Whenever we speak about historical places in world.It includes India since,India is a Unity and diverse country steeped in history. Indian country is also known as “Ancient India”. Since most of the people have been living in India.Being one of the oldest cultures in the world,India is rich in culture and heritage. This fact is visible in tons of Tombs,Palaces,Temples,Monuments,Forts,and caves all across India.For an ancient time this aspect of India has attracted people from all over the world.

Visit the most  historical places in India and take a trip back in time to ancient India. So we can take a look on some of the historical places in  ancient and medieval  period  listed below:

Taj Mahal :

It’s built as a symbol of love.Taj Mahal is situated in banks of river yamuna.It’s actually tomb that contains body of Mumtaj Mahal.It was built by Mughal emperor  Shah jahan in memory of his 3rd wife.The construction began around 1632 and was completed around 1653.It took merely 20 years to complete this construction and over 20,000 employes worked on it.It was fully constructed with a help of white marble.Famous thing is its considered  as 7 wonders of the world.


The word Mahabalipuram derived from Tamil(“MAMALLAPURAM”). Its situated near Kancheepuram   district of Tamil Nadu.It has an average elevation of 12 metres(39 feet). It was established inbetween 7th and 10th century by the PALLAVA DYNASTY. The special thing about this places is rock-cut  caves,temples made up of single stone, and strives of different structures. It’s also refereed as “OPEN AIR MUSEUM ,there are lots more interesting things to visit this place.Once you visit you get startled and intoxicated with the grandeur.

Mysore Palace: (Amba Vilas)

Mysore Palace also known as Mysore Maharaja Palace. It’s situated in heart of the city in Mysore.Its as become a famous tourist place next to Taj mahal,The palace was built by Wodeyar kings in the 14th century made up of wood.Unfortunately there was a fire during the wedding of Jayalakshammanni, the eldest daughter of Chamaraja Wodeyar.And later it was reconstructed by famous British architect, Henry Irwin.And finally it was constructed in Indo-Saracenic style.The palace is covered by a gold plated dome about 145 feet off the ground.Dasara is the most extravagant festival of Mysore.

Hawa Mahal:

It’s also know as ‘Palace Of The Winds’ is one of the prominent tourist place in Jaipur.This beautiful five-storey palace was constructed in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh who belonged to Kachhwaha Rajput dynasty the special effect of this palace is spectacular view of Jaipur city with road avenues, intersections and colorful crowds in the market.And moreover It’s Built in red and pink coloured sand stone contians  pyramid shape and its 953 windows or ‘Jharokhas’.The palace consists of first and second floors have patios in front of them, on the rear side of the structure. When we look from roadside the palace looks like a  honeycomb web of a beehive built with small portholes. Each porthole has miniature windows.At the time of  Rajput.Rajput royal women wont appear in public or in front of strangers but there follow day 2 day events.When Hawa Mahal was built royal women got freedom to peep outside the windows and balconies and women got a sense of freedom without appearing in strange.

Gateway Of India :

The gateway of India is one of the landmarks of Mumbai.It joins mumbai harbour and the Arabian sea in the colaba area.Its located at the water mount and built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay.And constructed in (1913-24) its 84(feet)above from the ground level.If any person wants to tour outside den its a place to go any were around the world. Chhatarpati Shivaji International Airport,in  Mumbai


Top Travel destinations in the year 2012

While every person is an individual, but there is much in common. Travel is a sweet experience; a time to employment, learn and take pleasure in. You want to feel good about the people you buy from – not only financially, but knowing that you are really getting what you want; the most excellent advice and the most suitable products and services tailored for you. Here we list out some places which was attracted by the tourist lover in the year 2012

Travel Destination in 2012




London England
  • The Royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee
  • Olympics 2012
World of the Maya Mexico
  • End of a 5,126-year cycle on the Long Count calendar
  • Guatemala (which George Lucas used as a location in the original “Star Wars”)
Yangon Myanmar
Chicago USA
  • 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
  • NATO summits
  • Group of Eight summits
  • Ryder Cup
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean islands
Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • The horticultural expo
  • Gardens in Keukenhof
Atlantic Canada Canada
  • The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic



Most seen art museums in the world

Most seen art museums in the world

Most seen Art museums in the world that is all museums with any variety of art on display, some museums such as the Natural History Museum are excluded. The nation with the highest number of visitors in the top is the England (UK). The country with the majority museums appearing is the United States. Some major art museums, such as the Palace Museum in Beijing, the Vatican Museums of Rome, and the National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico City, were not included


Art Museums

Here the List of Famous Art Museums in the World






Musée du Louvre Paris France


Metropolitan Museum of Art New York America


British Museum London England


National Gallery London England


Tate Modern London England


National Gallery of Art Washington America


National Palace Museum Taipei Taiwan


Centre Pompidou Paris France


National Museum of Korea Seoul South Korea


Musee d’Orsay Paris France


Museo del Prado Madrid Spain


State Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg Russia


Museum of Modern Art New York America


Victoria & Albert Museum London England


Museo Reina Sofía Madrid Spain


National Folk Museum of Korea Seoul South Korea


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro Brazil


National Portrait Gallery London England


Galleria degli Uffizi Florence Italy


Shanghai Museum Shanghai China

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London – Most popular places to visit

London – Most popular places to visit

Westminster Abbey: where all our monarchs are caped and buried, at least since 1066. The acoustics are gleaming – watch out for an organ recitals and such like.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben: The seat of ruling can be viewed by all!. You can visit both the Commons and the Lords. There are tours in lofty season if you’re interested call 020 7344 9966.If you have time then the Cabinet War Rooms are worth looking at. This was the underground HQ of our fight against the Nazis 1939 – 1945. Some things have not been changed since the end of the war.

Downing Street: Number 10 is where it all happens but you’ll have to be satisfied with peeking through the railings. Gone are the days when you could stand outside and esteem the door knocker!

Buckingham Palace: What can one say – this is home. If you want a visit you can do it in August and Sept. Call 020 7321 2233. It’s very popular so save time and book.

Tower of London : Founded by William the Conqueror in 1066-7 and distended and modified by successive sovereigns, today the Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous and spectacular fortresses. Discover its 900-year history as a royal palace and fortress, prison and place of execution, mint, arsenal, menagerie and jewel house.

Tate Modern Just across the river from St Paul’s – go via the unsteady Millennium Bridge. This could be a controversial visit but art is a matter of opinion. If you like a mixture of art then you’ll enjoy Picasso, Matisse, Monet and Warhol and many others plus extreme exhibits that make you think. The audio guide is a good idea at around £1. If you’re highly into Tates then try the river bus which connects the Tate Modern with Tate Britain

Trafalgar Square. Another place where you can experience you have ‘arrived’ Lord Nelson dominating this large open space at the top of his huge column. Pigeons no longer abound but I suppose we’ll get used to that. This is one of ‘the places’ to be on New Years Eve – if you like cuddling perfect strangers that is!

The EDF Energy London Eye: The EDF Energy London Eye is a major characteristic of London’s skyline. It is the world’s highest observation wheel, with 32 capsules, each weighing 10 tonnes, and holding up to 25 people. Climb aboard for a breathtaking experience, with unforgettable views of more than 55 of London’s most famous landmarks – all in just 30 minutes!

Jammu and Kashmir Houseboats

Houseboats are the most important magnetisms of the heavenly traveler intention of India, Jammu and Kashmir. Conventional in approach and contribution home-like console, such are the houseboats of Jammu and Kashmir. A hang about in the houseboat is similar to foot stepping into a Dream wonder land space, whose attraction is unquantifiable. These houseboats are fastened at the irresistible Dal Lake. The houseboats are built-in with condition-of-the-art amenities and are decorated to excellence. These houseboats have little boats called shikaras, which take travelers around. Visit the balanced marketplaces in the shikaras for a dissimilar knowledge. The timber work and woolen rugs of these houseboats are noteworthy


Breathing in houseboats is an age-old convention in Jammu and Kashmir. This practice was started by the Britishers who build their houses on stream as they were not allowed by the then Maharajas to own terrain.

house boat

Plan a keep on on a houseboat at the Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir. The enjoyment of an familiarity on a houseboat is hard to illustrate. It is as if scenery has hugged you and you are completely engrossed in its complete beauty, as if you have slowly tripped into the paradise

Boat Features

house boat Features

Cookery to the poles apart tastes and requires of travelers, there is a broad variety of houseboats to decide from. Some of the houseboats are like a 5-star hotel contribution a 5-star-experience. Each houseboat has a upper circle, sprawl, dining room, food store and bedrooms with friendly bathrooms. Appetizing cuisine of the state is also served in the houseboats. You must try the world famous Kahva tea, which is obtainable on the houseboats. These bewitching houseboats of Jammu and Kashmir are a big strike with newlyweds. There are around 703 houseboats fixed at Dal Lake, 173 in Nagin Lake and 142 in river stream Jhelum. Travelers are counseled to book houseboats in go forward for a harass gratis tour.

Boat Accessories:

  • Generators
  • Water / Cooling
  • Boat Seats
  • Jarrett Cranes
  • Solar Panels
  • Boat Covers
  • Boat Propellers – Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Anchor & Dock – Fenders, Buoys, Dock Bumpers, Keel Protectors, Cleats, Marine Rope
  • Marine Electronics
  • Marine Fuel Tanks & Gas Systems
  • Fishing Equipment, Rod Holders, Downriggers and Outriggers
  • Life Jackets & Flotation
  • SPOT Connect Smartphone Satellite Communicator

Tourist Places in Algeria

Algeria formally the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is a countryside in the Maghreb. In terms of earth area, it is the prime country on the Mediterranean Sea, the biggest in the Arab globe and second-major on the African continent after Sudan, and the eleventh-largest country in the world.

Kasbah quarter, Algiers


Kasbah quarter, Algiers is one of the traveler magnetisms in the city. Algiers is a international city and is the center of Algeria. It put forwards a host of attractions to the tourists thereby making it a famous tourist spot. You can view some of the most remarkable structures while you are on a travel to the city. While going around the city, you must definitely visit the Kasbah quarter, Algiers. This is the most traditional part of the city and tourists visit the place to see the many old structures that are located here.

Kasbah quarter, Algiers is the citadel of the capital. Kasbah is a tiny city that was built on a mount and which goes down to the ocean. The city is separated into2: the low city and the high city. The streets are coupled to each other by a no of alleys. The houses that line the streets are ended of stone and are whitewashed. These are square and flat topped structures. There are no windows in the houses. Instead there are a few slits in the walls which have iron gratings. There is the quadrangle in the center of the house and which can be reached by a narrow doorway. The shops are not separate structures but openings in the walls. You would get a wide variety of products in these places. Some of the products include embroidery and ornaments in gold and silver. This place has a mixed population comprising Arabs, Jews, Moors and Negroes.

Ketchaoua Mosque


Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers is one of the locations that you must visit while you are on take a trip to the city. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and it offers a host of tourist attractions to the visitor. It is situated by the Mediterranean Sea and there are various structures that are spread throughout the city. You are sure to have a wonderful time here exploring the many monuments and historical marvels that are located in the city. One of the sites that you must visit while you are on tours to the city is Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers

Monument of Martyrs

Monument of Martyrs

Monument of Martyrs, Algiers is one of the most prominent tourist magnetisms in the city. Algiers, the busy capital of Algeria is a superb tourist blemish. With many historical structures scattered throughout the city, you are sure to have a nice time while you are here. The many monuments with their grand exteriors and well decorated interiors would remind you of the rich past of the city. One of the monuments that you must visit while you are on a travel to the city is the Monument of Martyrs, Algiers.

Notre Dame d’Afrique

Notre Dame d'Afrique

Notre Dame d’Afrique, Algiers is one of the most excellent tourist desirability’s in the metropolitan. Algiers is a well-known tourist spot in Algeria. The city situated by the Mediterranean Sea is the capital of the country. It is home to many chronological structures and you are sure to have an interesting time exploring the many beautiful monuments that dot the skyline of the city. Besides sightseeing you can also indulge in shopping for some outstanding handicrafts while you are on tours to the city. While on a visit to the city, do not forget to visit the Notre Dame d’Afrique, Algiers which is a magnificent monument.

Notre Dame d’Afrique, Algiers, also branded as Our Lady of Africa, is the cathedral of the city. It is the counter piece to Notre-Dame de la Garde which is positioned on the opposite side of the Mediterranean Sea in Marseille. The constitution was opened in 1872. It took 14years to be completed. It was proposed by the famous architect Fromageau. The memorial is built in a mixture of Roman and Byzantine style that was the predominant style in vogue in France. The floor plan of the monument is such that the choir is located towards the southeast side of the building instead of the usual east side.

Ukraine Tourism

Ukraine attracts more than 20 million foreign citizens every year (23.1 million in 2007).[1] Visitors primarily come from Eastern Europe, but also from Western Europe (6.3 million) and USA and also Canada.[2] The country is the 8th most popular tourism destination in the world.

Ukraine is a destination on the crossroads between central and eastern Europe, between north and south. It borders Russia and is not far from Turkey. It has mountain ranges – the Carpathian Mountains suitable for skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting. The coastline on the Black Sea is a popular summer destination for vacationers. Ukraine has vineyards where they produce native wines, ruins of ancient castles, historical parks, Orthodox and Catholic churches as well as a few mosques and synagogues.



Lviv is a city in western Ukraine. The city is regarded as one of the main cultural centres of today’s Ukraine and historically also for Ukraine’s neighbour, Poland, as the city before WWII and the following population transfers was the second most important Polish cultural centre. The historical heart of Lviv with its old buildings and cobblestone roads has survived World War II and ensuing Soviet presence largely unscathed.

Lviv is located on the edge of the Roztochia Upland, approximately 70 km from the Polish border and 160 km (100 miles) from the eastern Carpathian Mountains. The average altitude of Lviv is 296 m (971.13 ft) above sea level. Its highest point is the Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle), 409 m (1,341.86 ft) above sea level. This castle has a commanding view of the historic city centre with its distinctive green-domed churches and intricate architecture.



Odessa or Odesa is the administrative center of the Odessa Oblast (province) located in southern Ukraine. The city is a major seaport located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea and the fourth largest city in Ukraine with a population of 1,029,000 (as of the 2001 census).

The predecessor of Odessa, a small Tatar settlement, was founded by Hacı I Giray, the Khan of Crimea, in 1240 and originally named after him as “Hacıbey”. After a period of Lithuanian control, it passed into the domain of the Ottoman Sultan in 1529 and remained in Ottoman hands until the Ottoman Empire’s defeat in the Russo-Turkish War of 1792.

Odessa is a warm water port, but militarily it is of limited value. Turkey’s control of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus has enabled NATO to control water traffic between Odessa and the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Odessa hosts two important ports: Odessa itself and Yuzhne (also an internationally important oil terminal), situated in the city’s suburbs. Another important port, Illichivs’k, is located in the same oblast, to the south-west of Odessa.



Yalta is a city in Crimea, southern Ukraine, on the north coast of the Black Sea. The city is located on the site of an ancient Greek colony, said to have been founded by Greek sailors who were looking for a safe shore on which to land. It is situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea, surrounded by wooded mountains. It enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with many vineyards and orchards in the vicinity.

The term “The Greater Yalta” is used to designate a part of the Crimean southern coast spanning from Foros in the west to Gurzuf in the east and including the city of Yalta and multiple adjacent urban settlements



Sevastopol (Ukrainian and Russian: Севастополь; Crimean Tatar: Aqyar) (see pronunciation below) is a port city in Ukraine, located on the Black Sea coast of the Crimea peninsula. It has a population of 342,451 (2001). The city, formerly the home of the Russian then Soviet Black Sea Fleet, is now home to a Ukrainian naval base and a Russian naval base in facilities leased by the Russian Navy.

After World War II, Sevastopol was entirely rebuilt. Many top architects and civil engineers from Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and other cities and thousands of workers from all parts of the USSR took part in the rebuilding process which was mostly finished by the mid-1950s. The downtown core situated on a peninsula between two narrow inlets, South Bay and Artillery Bay, features mostly Mediterranean-style, three-story residential buildings with columned balconies and Venetian-style arches, with retail and commercial spaces occupying the ground level.

Experience Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

A enchanting mix of cross- ethnical to move and customaries, Kuala Lumpur spread an stirring, enticing charm, which will no doubt excite your interest throughout your stay. Let the city’s quality encircle you as you lose yourself in its unparalleled blend of information, culture old world charm and new world impairment. Explore it’s any small recess and small, and you’ll discover subjugate sights, sensational sounds, aromatic smells and fantastic people. Kuala Lumpur, affectionately known as KL, is an amazing cultural melting pot. Here, you will wander through communities of Chinese, Malays, South Indians, East Malaysian ethnic groups, Thais, Indonesians, Sikhs and a huge community of expats. Each community offering its own festivals, food, music, art and fashion while influencing each other’s cultures.


Lying out to sea from Brunei Bay and facing the South China Sea is the island of Labuan, an international offshore financial centre and East Malaysia’s only deep-water anchorage. Bandar Labuan is the main town on the island and the place where the airport and ferry jetty are. The main attractions are Labuan’s tax-free status, wreck-diving and duty-free shopping. Labuan is a Federal Territory governed directly from Kuala Lumpur. It is an important offshore financial centre, but also has major petroleum and gas installations which form an important part of the economy.


Terengganu is endowed with a wealth of superb natural landscapes. It is often said to have the most amazing geographic and natural diversity of all the states in the nation. Few visitors would disagree… It has beaches, exotic islands, lush virgin tropical jungles, quaint fishing villages, dazzling waterfalls and much, much more. Miles and miles of white, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters stretch the length of its coastline from Besut in the north to Kemaman in the south


Selangor surrounds the capital city and is home to many city commuters who commute to neighbouring Petaling Jaya or KL. Moving at a slower pace, it is also touched by a regal atmosphere as Selangor is home to the country’s most influential sultan. His palace stands high on a hill in the state capital of Shah Alam, which overlooks his neat and carefully planned city. Until just 25 years ago, what is now the state capital was little more than a rubber and palm oil plantation. But in the late 70s, a massive building programme spawned a well-developed infrastructure and a rapidly growing population