New Zealand Looks China’s Tourism Market

In a fashionable interview with People’s Daily Online last Sunday, New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser said that his country looks forward to enlarge its share of the Chinese tourism market.

“I think it is true some 50 million foreign trips are made by Chinese people every year, or a similar figure, and that number has probably grown since I last looked at the data; we look forward to taking our share of that business,” Groser said, speaking of the increase in vacationer numbers from China to New Zealand.

Statistics of New Zealand’s Ministry of Business released on February, a total of 228,928 visits were made by Chinese tourists (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) to New Zealand in 2013, a 16 percent growth from last year, contributing an expenses of $732 million, or 7 % more than in 2012.

The trade minister statement, “The number of flights between China and New Zealand keeps growing, and we want to put forward attractive offers to the Chinese people”.

When asked how the new appreciation of the New Zealand dollar would affect New Zealand’s good looks to Chinese tourists, Groser explained that the increase in value of the New Zealand currency reflects faith in the country’s economy.

“Right now we’re the quickest growing developed country in the world, when many of the developed economies are going through severe structural problems. The appreciation of the New Zealand dollar will crash on our competitiveness in all aspects, including tourism; New Zealand is not a cheap country, but it’s by no means a high-cost country either,” Groser said.

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