Preview Of Japan

Japan(Land Of Rising Sun) :

The word Japan refers to “Sun Origin”. So only it’s called as Land Of Rising sun.From Japanese only the word Japan Originated .The Japanese call their land Nippon/Nihon meaning sun origin.Nihon was the Chinese Imperial name for Japan from the Sui Dynasty (589-618 AD). It’s a ancient country.It simply indicates the direction of Japan with respect to China.Japan Consists of thousands of Islands.So only Japan flag symbolizes of sun rays.It’s located near Pacific Ocean.According to both UN and WHO estimates, Japan has the longest life expectancy of any country in the world.Many World wars and Bomb blast as been taken place here but still people continued their lives since its an ancient country.According to both UN and WHO estimates, Japan has the longest life expectancy of any country in the world.

Places To Be Visited Are :

1.Japan’s National Diet, Tokyo.

2.Japan’s finest castle – “The White Heron” in Himeji.

3.Ginza gets ready for the evening. Tokyo.

4.Approaching the massive Todai-ji Hall in Nara – the world’s largest wooden building.

5.The famous “Floating Torii” of Miyajima.

6.Toshogu Shrine, Nikko.

7.Perhaps Japan’s most iconic monument – the Daibutsu of Kamakura.

8.The Bomb Dome, Hiroshima.

9.Golden Temple, Kyoto.

10.Mount Fuji

Details Of Japan:

Currency                 :Yen

Capital                     : Tokyo

Anthem                      : Kimigayo

Regional languages    :Aynu itak, Ryukyuan languages, Eastern Japanese, Western Japanese

Legislature                 :National Diet
National language       :Japanese
Population                  :2012 estimate     126,659,683[5] (10th)
Time zone                   :JST (UTC+9)
Drives on the               : left
Calling code                :81

North America Details.

North America :

It’s the 3rd largest continent which includes 23 countries.It includes all Caribbean and Central America countries.It’s the world’s largest island,Situated in northern and western hemispheres.It’s surrounded to the  north by the Arctic Ocean,to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the southeast by the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico,and to the west by the Pacific Ocean where it covers all the Caribbean and Islands and so on.The dominant Country of North America is United States,Since it occupies most part of north America. The Nation arose almost 225 years ago by the British Government under the ruler of King George III.The first people to live in North America were Paleoindians


Places To Be Visited Are:

1.Chichen Itza.
3.Niagara Falls.
4.Mount Rushmore.
5.Statue of Liberty.
6.Lincoln Memorial.
8.Cenote Sagrado.
9.Washington Monument, etc.

Details Of North America :

Area               : 24,709,000 km2 (9,540,000 sq mi).
Population   : 28,720,588 (2008, 4th).
Pop. density : 22.9/km2 (59.3/sq mi).
Demonym      : North American, American.

Currency         :U.S Dollar,Mexican peso.
Countries        : 23 countries(United States,Mexico,Canada,Cuba,Dominican Republic,Guatemala,Costa Rica Panama,El Salvador Honduras,Trinidad and Tobago,Jamaica,Nicaragua,Haiti,The Bahamas Barbados,Belize,Saint Lucia,Antigua and Barbuda,Grenada,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Dominica,Saint Kitts and Nevis.)

Languages      : English, Spanish,French,Greenlandic and many others.
Time Zones     :  UTC-10.

Precise Details Of Norway.

Norway :

Norway being the capital oslo.It’s also called as Land of midnight sun /Lofoten because of high latitude present there.It’s a Natural Phenomenon of Norway (i.e) During summer sun never sets (remains above the horizon)and you can see sun for whole day without no night and whereas in rest of months it remains below the horizon, never rising, hovering around in a slanted circle.The duration of the midnight sun depends on how far north you are.Since its situated in north of Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle the sun remains visible at the local midnight.We can experience the arctic nature  by the hike in midnight sun. The light gives the mountains a magical and tremendous look at night-time. Many routes that are recommended in daytime, are even more interesting in the middle of the night.The mountains, sweeping fjords, white sandy beaches and tiny fishing settlements make the Lofoten Islands a photographers dream.In the Lofoten Islands you can  play Golf whole day without nights and watch the wildlife as you play. Early morning taking a boat for Fishing is also a excellent thing to be done in Norway,were it gives a pleasant and breeze climate and you can have a great scenery in early morning.

Places To Be Visited:

1.Eagle Summit.

2.Land of the Midnight Sun.

3.Polar night.

4.Midnight Sun Solar Race Team.

Details Of Norway:

Capital               :Oslo
Dialing code          : 47
Currency              : Norwegian krone
Population            : 4,952,000 (2011) World Bank
Official language  : Norwegian Language, Nynorsk, Bokmål
Government           : Parliamentary system, Unitary state, Multi-party system,Constitutional monarchy
GMT                   : +1.00



Most Visited Tourist Places In India

When we talk about historical places are about tourist places India stands tall in it.Since its a unity in diverse country all around the people can visit it without any hurdles.In India we have all types of climatic and barrier condition.Like as the place with highest rainfall in the world(Cherrapunji),the driest place on the earth(Thar Desert) and we have coldest place  like Kashmir.A list keeps on adding on !!!. And don’t forget that Northern part of India hosts Himalayan Ranges snow capped mountains.

I have listed some of the Places to be visited in india .Hope you have a tremendous vacation when you visit India.

And don’t forget that Northern part of India hosts Himalayan Ranges snow capped mountains.

1. Goa :

India’s smallest state by area.Goa is India’s richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole.Goa is mainly for pristine beaches were 90% of peoples around world will come to visit it.It  has two main tourist seasons:winter and summer.In the winter time,tourists from abroad (mainly Europe) come to Goa to enjoy the wonderful climate. In summer(which, in Goa, is the rainy season), tourists from all over India come to spend the holidays.goa is mainly for orchards and water.And foodstuff are too good especially wine.History speaks that Portuguese peoples have lived here.

Places to be visited in goa are :Top 3 Beaches (Calangute ,Anjuna ,Colva),Waterfall ,Church ,Mosque and so on.

2. Kerala : (Keralam)

It’s also known as God’s Own Country.Kerala is also one of the most popular and favorite location of many travelers and foreigners because of the beaches, hills stations and the misty cool climate.The place is famous for backwaters ,green plants,Ayurvedic treatments.Malayam is the official  language spoken.

Places to be visited are : (Munnar, Trivandrum,Kochi,Allapuzha,Thekaddy,kottayam,Munnar).

3. Delhi :

Delhi being the capital of India.It’s always at the top of charts for every people.Delhi is divided into Old Delhi and New Delhi.The places are famous for captivating ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, architectural wonders, a vivacious performing-arts scene, fabulous eating places and bustling markets.New Delhi on the other hand houses many government buildings and embassies, apart from places of historical interest.Delhi being a hub for the political views.Peoples make the visit to the  places around the Delhi like Agra ,Amritsar,Jaipur and so on.

Places to be visited are : ( Lotus temple,Humayun’s Tomb, Connaught Place, Akshardham temple,India Gate in Delhi).

4. Himalayas :

The term “Himalaya”is a Sanskrit word which literally means “Abode of Snow” Himalayas is a hilly and mountain area region placed in between 5 Countries namely Bhutan,India,Nepal,People’s Republic of China, and Pakistan where the 1st three countries are inside India most of the places belongs to  having sovereignty over most of the range.the Three world’s major rivers,The Indus,The Ganges, and The Tsangpo-Brahmaputra all rise near Mount Kailash to cross and encircle the Himalayas this mountain separates the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau.

Places to be visited are : ( Gurudogmar Lake,Sunset at Nuptse,Trekking is a main thing to be done).

5. Varanasi : (Kashi) :

Varanasi also known as Benares,Banaras,situated near banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. It’s an holy city for Buddhists and Jains.Varanasi is placewhere both death and life come together.Hindus believe that death at Varanasi brings salvation.Since it as unique culture varanasi is visited by tourist as there wanted to known more about our culture and the period of it.Since there follow old culture Rickshaw is a good transport for the people who want to visit varanasi,so that it can take the people to ancient period.Many of the sights are in the tiny narrow winding alleys of the waterfront.The lord work-shipped is Lord Shiva.

Places to be visited : (Temples(The Durga Temple, Benaras Hindu University)Waterfront,Traveling by Rickshawand the Ramnagar Fort).

6. Jaipur :

It’s also refereed as Pink City and Paris Of India,when it was painted pink to enchant the Prince of Wales in 1876.The place is famous for architecture and town planning.The city is a combination of Ancient and Modern city.Peoples can see Camel in roadside where its seen allover the jaipur and people wear a vibrant costumes.So tourisers gets attracted easily to it.The business done by people there are Jewelery and Diamond.

Places to be visited are :Hawa Mahal,Jal Mahal, Lakshmi-Narayan Temple, Albert Hall,Jantar Mantar.

7. Ajanta Caves :

Ajanta is world’s greatest historical monument recognised by UNESCO World heritage site.The Ajanta Caves was discovered by a British Captain,John Smith in 1819 and is situated in Maharashtra.There 2 types of caves namely Ajanta and Ellora Caves.The Ajanta caves are dedicated solely to Buddhism.Ellora caves has 34 caves with intricate interiors and ornamental facades. Ajantha & Ellora are 28–30 rock-cut cave monuments created during the first century BC and 5th century AD.

Places to visit are : (Paintings and caves of Ajantha and Ellora,Camel ride ).


Touring Spots Around The World

The touring spot may contain Adventure spots,Pilgrimage spots,Rainforest Adventure tour etc.

Adventure tour consists of Hill climbing,Trekking,mountain Biking,Angling and lots more,where the trill and enthusiastic is more on it .

Pilgrimage  tour consists of  worshiping god and goddess and some of the places where worshiping is practiced more in India are Badrinath,Varanasi.Amritsar,Delhi,Ajmer.

Rainforest Adventure tour  consists of  forest  which as barrier climatic condition and rainfall may increase and decrease depending upom the regions.

Some of the Touring spots to be visited are listed below

1.France :

Its the most important places visited by all over the world.With no hesitation/guess its as great places like Paris(Eiffel tower),Disneyland,Omaha beach,Monte Carlo,Variety of beaches.And you can get good food and cheaper and best wine and climate also a good one.So peoples enjoy their life with no hesitation .And best thing is that its not much expensive when compared to other tourist places.

2.Spain :

It’s the 2nd most visited place in world.Its a diverse country  with language, culture, cuisine and art.where Spanish as been original language.They created a own rules and kingdom for the peoples who live there.Spain is best known  for wine.Some of the countries to be visited in spain is “MADRID and BARCELONA”.The places to be visited are Ronda,Cuenca,Bardenas reales,Rio Tinto River.

3.USA(United States Of America) :

Its most visited Tourist place and an expensive one.The diverse in culture,climatic condition so on.The USA has been capital for many countries around it and most populated one too.Don’t miss to visit the  places like London Bridge ,Greenwich Village,Central park,Hudson River Valley,Virgin Islands so on.

4.China :

Its the most populated country.Most busiest tour spots as their culture, food habit attracts people around the world.the great wall of China and healthy foods makes the tourist people.There mainly concerned of import and export.Some of  the places to be visited are :Beijing,Great wall Of China,Xian,Shanghai,Silk road so on.

5.Germany :

Germany peoples are good in cooking style and can see different peoples in Germany.The word Germany derived from the English country.Some of the places to be visited are Berlin,Munich,Frankfurt,Hamburge,colonge so on.


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Historic Places In India

Whenever we speak about historical places in world.It includes India since,India is a Unity and diverse country steeped in history. Indian country is also known as “Ancient India”. Since most of the people have been living in India.Being one of the oldest cultures in the world,India is rich in culture and heritage. This fact is visible in tons of Tombs,Palaces,Temples,Monuments,Forts,and caves all across India.For an ancient time this aspect of India has attracted people from all over the world.

Visit the most  historical places in India and take a trip back in time to ancient India. So we can take a look on some of the historical places in  ancient and medieval  period  listed below:

Taj Mahal :

It’s built as a symbol of love.Taj Mahal is situated in banks of river yamuna.It’s actually tomb that contains body of Mumtaj Mahal.It was built by Mughal emperor  Shah jahan in memory of his 3rd wife.The construction began around 1632 and was completed around 1653.It took merely 20 years to complete this construction and over 20,000 employes worked on it.It was fully constructed with a help of white marble.Famous thing is its considered  as 7 wonders of the world.


The word Mahabalipuram derived from Tamil(“MAMALLAPURAM”). Its situated near Kancheepuram   district of Tamil Nadu.It has an average elevation of 12 metres(39 feet). It was established inbetween 7th and 10th century by the PALLAVA DYNASTY. The special thing about this places is rock-cut  caves,temples made up of single stone, and strives of different structures. It’s also refereed as “OPEN AIR MUSEUM ,there are lots more interesting things to visit this place.Once you visit you get startled and intoxicated with the grandeur.

Mysore Palace: (Amba Vilas)

Mysore Palace also known as Mysore Maharaja Palace. It’s situated in heart of the city in Mysore.Its as become a famous tourist place next to Taj mahal,The palace was built by Wodeyar kings in the 14th century made up of wood.Unfortunately there was a fire during the wedding of Jayalakshammanni, the eldest daughter of Chamaraja Wodeyar.And later it was reconstructed by famous British architect, Henry Irwin.And finally it was constructed in Indo-Saracenic style.The palace is covered by a gold plated dome about 145 feet off the ground.Dasara is the most extravagant festival of Mysore.

Hawa Mahal:

It’s also know as ‘Palace Of The Winds’ is one of the prominent tourist place in Jaipur.This beautiful five-storey palace was constructed in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh who belonged to Kachhwaha Rajput dynasty the special effect of this palace is spectacular view of Jaipur city with road avenues, intersections and colorful crowds in the market.And moreover It’s Built in red and pink coloured sand stone contians  pyramid shape and its 953 windows or ‘Jharokhas’.The palace consists of first and second floors have patios in front of them, on the rear side of the structure. When we look from roadside the palace looks like a  honeycomb web of a beehive built with small portholes. Each porthole has miniature windows.At the time of  Rajput.Rajput royal women wont appear in public or in front of strangers but there follow day 2 day events.When Hawa Mahal was built royal women got freedom to peep outside the windows and balconies and women got a sense of freedom without appearing in strange.

Gateway Of India :

The gateway of India is one of the landmarks of Mumbai.It joins mumbai harbour and the Arabian sea in the colaba area.Its located at the water mount and built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay.And constructed in (1913-24) its 84(feet)above from the ground level.If any person wants to tour outside den its a place to go any were around the world. Chhatarpati Shivaji International Airport,in  Mumbai


Most Exciting and greatest roller coaster park in the world

Theme Park Insider’s most excellent roller coaster parks in the world. Remember, these are your growing rankings before the 2012 season.

Amusement parks frequently try to win to build the tallest, fastest, and longest rides to attract thrill seekers and boost overall park crowd. You can say an incident is a roller coaster, or a roller-coaster ride, if it involves many touching highs and lows, or really high-quality times alternating with actually difficult times.

Roller Coaster

Amusement parks and theme parks are terms for a collection of activity attractions, rides, and other events in a location for the pleasure of large numbers of people. An amusement park is more sophisticated than a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions meant to provide specifically to convinced age groups, as well as some that are aimed towards all ages.



Roller coaster Name


Top Coaster

1 Six Flags Magic Mountain


9 good coasters, 4 elite Tatsu
2 Cedar Point


7 good coasters, 4 elite Millennium Force
3 Busch Gardens Tampa


4 good coasters, 4 elite Sheikra
4 Six Flags Over Texas


6 good coasters, 3 elite Mr. Freeze
5 Carowinds


5 good coasters, 3 elite Intimidator
6 Hersheypark


5 good coasters, 3 elite Lightning Racer
7 Busch Gardens Williamsburg


4 good coasters, 3 elite Apollo’s Chariot
8 Kings Dominion


7 good coasters, 2 elite Dominator
9 Six Flags Great Adventure


6 good coasters, 2 elite El Toro
10 Knott’s Berry Farm


4 good coasters, 2 elite Xcelerator
11 Holiday World


3 good coasters, 2 elite The Voyage
12 Universal Studios Singapore


3 good coasters, 2 elite Revenge of the Mummy

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