Goa Tourist Attractions

Goa is best known as a tourist paradise, both in India and abroad. Lavishly gifted by nature for its scenic beauty, virgin beaches girdling its 105-km long palm-fringed coast interspersed with enchanting coves, bays and estuaries, paddy fields, shady coconut, cashew and mango groves dotted with tiny picturesque villages, temples and churches renowned for worship and pilgrims, forts and monuments and above all, friendly and hospitable people, Goa presents an ideal tourism profile.

Tourism is so prominent that the number of tourists almost equals the number of state population. Some of the tourist attractions are beaches like Calangute, Colva, Dona Paula, Miramar, Anjuna, Palolem, Vagator, Arambol, Agonda. Temples Sapteshwar – Bhagvati Temple at Mandrem, Shri Vithal Mandir, Shri Sharvani, Shri Saunsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevotam Math. Goa is well known for its Archives Museum of Goa at Panaji, Mayem Lake.

Goa attracts almost 12% of total foreign tourists arriving in India. In terms of direct charters, it is 75% of the total direct charter traffic in India. To give a big fillip to hospitality industry in the state, the Department of Tourism has taken multi-pronged strategy involving both private and government organizations.

Travel Tourism to Manitoba

Manitoba’s landscape is as enchanting as it is diverse, with prairie grassland in the south and west, rugged Canadian Shield lakes and forests in the east and north, and arctic coastline and tundra in the extreme north.

Manitoba’s landscape is wilderness with history, geography, geology, biology classroom. Take time to exercise your body and enrich your mind as you settle your soul in Manitoba’s wilderness. Manitoba is on the northern limit of the whitetail’s range and body and antler size tends to be larger than its counterparts to the south.

Manitoba is home to some of the most spectacular sport fishing in North America. From massive northern pike, trophy walleye, and furious lake trout to giant channel catfish – they are called Manitoba Monsters for a reason. Huge in size, fight and prestige, Manitoba Monsters offer a fishing experience not to be missed.

Manitoba never run out of reasons to celebrate, which may be why there’s a festival happening somewhere nearly every day of the year. Not only is the province home to world-renowned events like Festival du Voyageur, Folklorama and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, but Manitoba put its welcome mat for visitors at hundreds of fall suppers, craft shows, agricultural fairs and cultural festivals. Come on… the party’s starting! Breast Enlargement Cosmeticcompare.com – Compare UK breast enlargement and tummy tuck prices. Read clinic reviews. Packed with useful guides on breast augmentation, tips and impartial information. Cosmetic surgery forums. Free to use. No hidden charges.

Travel guide to Cambodia

Cambodia is located in the heart mainland of Southeast Asia, which conjures images of a glorious and mysterious past and rich of the cultural heritages, particularly the world’s renowned ancient temple city whose magical image draws ever-increasingly tourists from all over the world.

The divergent facets of the Kingdom provoke both the serious and casual traveler, generally charmed and sometimes bewildered by its mysteries. Not only Angkor Wat, Bayon, Taprohm, Sandstone of ancient holy places, the giant roots of ancient trees, the graceful shapes of Apsaras and some temples buried in the jungle, hill tribes settled in the remote areas, colorful pagodas, strings of pristine islands and the century beach, as part of Beauty tour that Cambodia is proud of her presentation, but also the splendor of the Khmer civilization and its people who have shown their friendliness everywhere you move in the country.

For most, Cambodia first conjures up the legendary Angkor (the magnificent Empire erected by Kings between the 9th and 13th centuries) that continues to admiration from Khmers and world travel tourists alike. The temples remain with an enigmatic grandeur, as a testimony to the Empire that symbolized the country at the present day.

Every year, the country is transformed in a nature cycle, which is unique to Cambodia. The flow of the mighty Mekong River swells until it forces the Tonle Sap to reverse its course, pushing up stream from the ancient capital. Every year, the reversal of the river is celebrated with the country’s most spectacular Water Festival in November.


Rajasthan Tourism

Folklore of heroism and romance resound from the formidable monuments that majestically stand to tell the tale of a bygone era. The magic of vibrant Rajasthan – its rich heritage, colorful culture, exciting desert safaris, shining sand-dunes, amazing variety lush forests and varied wildlife – makes it a destination nonpareil. Rajasthan is often portrayed as one vast open-air museum, with its relics so well preserved that it delights even the most skeptical traveler.

It is an incredible travel destination for the outdoor-tourist – take a safari on horses, camels, elephants or even in jeeps,with the Aravalis – India’s oldest mountain range as the backdrop. Feast your eyes on spectacular sand-dunes, take the tiger trail, or just watch the birds in the wetlands. You can also choose to pamper yourself in the lavish heritage properties. Rajasthan has something for everyone – one just has to choose an activity appropriate to one’s temperament.

Some of the finest metal work that attracts tourists in Rajasthan uses enameled silver that is used for everything from pillboxes to figurines. Brass enamel is less expensive and therefore more prevalent from table-tops to dancing beautiful peacocks, caparisoned elephants, dancing camels, swords and shields. In recent years, use of wrought iron has become popular, though this is more contemporary than traditional in usage.

Rajasthan is culturally rich and has extensive tradition in art and culture, which reflects the Indian way of life. The dance, music and art forms have been consciously cultivated and patronized by the erstwhile royal courts.


Tourist attractions in Romania

Natural and Cultural are the words that best capture the essence of Romania, a dynamic country rich in history, art and scenic beauty. Romania offers the traveler countless unique travel experiences waiting to be discovered.

Black Sea Resort:
Warm climate, miles of sand beaches, ancient monuments, vineyards and modern resorts invite world travelers to seriously consider Romania’s Black Sea Coast as their summer vacation destination. Beaches, stretching from Mangalia to Mamaia, are dotted with fine resorts and hotels, and countless sports and entertainment facilities.

Danube Delta:
The mighty Danube River flows 1,788 miles from its springs in Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. The Danube Delta is a wildlife enthusiast’s (especially a bird watcher’s) paradise. Some 300 species of birds make Danube’s Delta their home, including cormorants, white tailed eagles and glossy ibises.

National Parks:
Romania’s national and natural parks, displaying a unique variety of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife, protect some of the largest remaining areas of pristine forest in Europe. Grasslands, gorges, subterranean caves, volcanic lakes, and extensive river network add to the beauty attractions of the park system that also includes the Danube Delta, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Europe’s largest wetland.


Adventure Travel to Dominica Island

The fiery creation forces are alive here – steaming valleys, and the world’s 2nd largest boiling lake, 365 rivers rushing to the sea, national parks, lush vegetation and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! “Domineek-ah” invites you to Explore! Hike! Discover! And below the sea, the clear Caribbean waters, volcanic formations and rich marine life make for exceptional diving, snorkeling and whale watching.

Dominica is located in the eastern Caribbean, between the French Islands of Guadeloupe (which lies to the north) and Martinique (which lies to the south). The island’s official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica. The island is sparsely populated with around 70,000 people inhabiting its 289.5 square miles. A significant portion of the population lives in and around the capital city, Roseau. Dominica is an arcadia of unspoiled nature. Tropical forest coats two thirds of the island, which nourishes this Beauty Tourism by 1,200 plant species. Rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls abound, fed by the islands high annual rainfall. Morne Trois Pitons National Park was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Caribbean. The island is one of only a couple in the Caribbean still with populations of the pre-Columbian Carib Indians


Carnival, or ‘The Real Mas’, is a pre-Lenten festival; it is unquestionably the most festive season in Dominica. Visit Dominica and make the most of your Caribbean vacation!

Explore Karnataka’s Tourist Attraction

Karnataka is an enchanting land abounding in scenic beauty, rich is flora and fauna. It has pomp and pageantry of glorious traditions and marvels of modern engineering. Bangalore as a tourist destination by promoting adventure sports, creating high-end accommodation and allowing private parties to manage tanks like Ulsoor, Sankey, Madiwala, Bellandur etc.

Karnataka’s manifold attractions include everything that interests the tourists. The wild game sanctuaries at Bandipur, Nagarhole and Dandeli, the Ranganathittu Bird’s Sanctuary. 5 km from Srirangapatnawhich is itself a well known tourist center, hill stations like Nandhi Hills and Kemmannagundi and Mercara, beach resorts like Karwar, Ullal, Malpe and Maravanthe, the world famous Brindavan Gardens at Krishnarajasagara, the monolithic statue of Gommateshwara at Sharavanabelagola, Gol Gumbaz with its whispering gallery at Bijapur, the Jog falls and other waterfalls at Shiva Samudram, Magod, Unchelli or Lushington near Siddapur, Lalguli at Yallapur and other places indicate the variety and richness of the attractions that Karnataka State holds out to the tourists.

There are many places of historic and religious importance. The great Acharyas, Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhwa, preached in this region. Great reformers like Sri Basaveshwara, mathematicians like Baskaracharaya, commentators like Sayana, saint poiets like Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa, great writers like Pampa, Harihara and Kumara Vyasa have all enriched the heritage of Karnataka.

The temples at Aihole, Badami and Pattadakal in Bijapur district are rarely seen in any part of the World Tourism have great significance for all lovers of art. The temples of Halebedu, Belur and Somanathapura are great architectural achievements.

Hong Kong’s Tourist Attractions

Hong Kong is full of fabulous Adventurous Tourist events and attractions. The following are a few of the must-sees rated tops by tourists.

Hong Kong Island :

Hong Kong Island , the heart of Hong Kong , is the center of economy, politics, entertainment and shopping. Victoria Peak is the best place from which to admire the lights of this Oriental Pearl. Peak Tower with its famous wok-like architecture stands at the exit of Peak Tram. Another favorite attraction is the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum with figures of celebrities. Ocean Park is among the top theme parks and aquariums in Southeast Asia . Victoria Bay at night presents a glittering spectacle that will delight the eye of even the most seasoned traveler.


Kowloon Park :

Kowloon Peninsula, which links Hong Kong to the mainland, offers yet another view of this exciting part of China. Allow at least one full day to experience its sparkling delights, which include Tsim Sha Tsui , Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok. Kowloon Park and the Hong Kong Space Museum are also popular with tourists.


Hong Kong Disneyland :

As the newest Disneyland in the world, Hong Kong Disneyland is a must-see because of its special attractions and the inimitable sense of Chinese culture. Walking into Hong Kong Disneyland, you feel you are in a wonderland.


Philippines World Beauty Tourism of Beaches

If you are a person with busy life style and you are tired from all of the hectic schedules you have, all you need is a great vacation hideaway and some nice beaches and friendly people to accompany you.

Why not try to have a vacation in some tropical paradise to wash away that stress. Undoubtedly, the Philippines is been an excellent Beauty Tourist place to go. With its 7,100 plus islands, there are so many choices for your own satisfaction. With so many islands, there is no surprise that it is called “Asia’s beach capital.”

Here is the list of some famous beaches in the Philippines that are popular tourist destinations throughout the year.

Most tourists prefer Boracay Beach as their travel destinations in the country. Boracay Beach is one of the prides of Philippine beaches for its powder white sands. It is also one of the ‘finest beaches in the World Tourism’.

Another great vacation hideaway is the island of Puerto Galera in Mindoro, and Honda Bay in Palawan it is one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in Philippine beaches- a perfect getaway for diving enthusiasts.

And if you are a nature lover and a beach bum person, El Nido in Palawan is the right place for you. El Nido is loaded of unspoiled beaches, coral reefs, and crystal blue water; it is also the country’s last frontier- a paradise for tourists like you.

In addition, we cannot fail to bring up the superb beach resort and majestic Pearl Farm in Davao. It was once a pearl farm inhabited by thousands of cultivated oysters yielding white, pink, and gold pearls.

We only mentioned some of the top finest beaches in the Philippines but we assure you that it would complete your list of reasons of having a break apart from your enduring stress and vexing co-workers. Taking a break to Philippine beaches is definitely a way to spend your invaluable time.

World Travel Tourism to Jordan

Jordan valley:

The Jordan Valley is well known for its Beauty Tourism with low-lying strip which cleaves down the western border of the country. It is part of the Great Rift Valley, which extends down southwards into East Africa. The Jordan Valley is divided into several distinct geographic sub-regions. Its northern part is known as the Ghor, and it includes the Jordan River. It then drains into the Dead Sea which, at 400 meters below sea level, is the lowest point on earth.

Jordan River:

River Jordan, as it is commonly called—is one of the most World Traveling Tourist places, both historically and symbolically, The Jordan reaches 20 yards across in some places, and its deepest point is around 17 feet. The river forms the boundary between the country of Jordan and the West Bank. The Jordan River is a key water source for Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. For Israel, the water of the Jordan River is an absolute necessity for drinking water and for irrigation.

Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea is 75 kilometers long and from 6 to 16 kilometers wide. Dead Sea is entirely devoid of plant and animal life. This is due to an extremely high content of salt and other minerals. The Dead Sea is also famous geographically as “the lowest point on earth,” lying some 400 meters below sea level. Dead Sea is today an important and rich source of minerals essential for agricultural, industrial development and for various medical conditions. Visitors to the Dead Sea come away with an unforgettable swimming experience.