Ghana’s Nature Tourism

Ghana is a nature world traveler’s delight. It’s sunny equatorial climate and fertile well-watered soils sustain a delightful selection of wildlife, ranging from elephant to monkeys and marine turtles to crocodiles. The Boabeng-Fiem Monkey Sanctuary, habitat to scared troops of mona and black- and-white colobus monkeys, led their way in 1995. Ghana is highly attractive to birdwatchers, with 725 species recorded in an area. Colorful birds such as gonoleks, rollers, parrots and weavers that tend to catch the eye.

Volta region is the most topographically varied part of ghana that offers outdoor opportunities for hiking rambling and mountain biking. Popular attractions include the scared monkeys of Tafi Atome, a plethora of magnificent forests and waterfalls around the Amedzofe, still more the highest peak of the country is Mount Afadjato, and impressive forest-fringed Wli falls, the tallest cascade in West Africa.

Ghana’s natural attractions are the superb palm-lined beaches, Flanking Elmina and Cape Coast in west, there is always La or Coco beach which is very lively sun-drenched expanses of white sand outskirts of the city Accra. Most beautiful Ada Foah on Volta Estuary, an important nesting site for endangered marine turtles, Vast Mole National Park in northern savannah and forested Kakum National park near the coast.