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Caribbean Islands

Your Western Indies is really a huge number of hawaiian islands of which separate the actual Caribbean Sea from your Ocean Marine. It can be consists of about three primary tropical isle organizations that is the actual Bahamas, the higher Antilles as well as the Lesser Antilles. Your tropical isle nations in many cases are seen by simply tourists exactly who are available generally to visit the actual gorgeous whitened remote shores.


Situated mostly on the Carribbean Plate, the region consists of over 7, 000 islands, islets, reefs, in addition to cayes. The actual Western world Indies contain the particular Antilles, divided in to the greater Greater Antilles which bound the ocean on the north as well as the Lesser Antilles on the to the south in addition to east (including the particular Leeward Antilles), as well as the Bahamas. Bermuda is very much even more to the north in the Ocean Underwater and is often contained in the Western world Indies. Geopolitically, the particular Western world Indies tend to be believed as a subregion connected with America and therefore are ordered directly into 28 territories which include sovereign states, international divisions, in addition to dependencies. Formerly, there is any short-lived land called the particular Federation on the Western world Indies consists of 15 English-speaking Carribbean territories.


There are thousands of islands that are part of the island countries of the broadly defined Caribbean region:

  • Anguilla (21)
  • Antigua-and-Barbuda (37)
  • Aruba (4)
  • Bahamas (501 approximately)
  • Barbados used to have 3 (but Pelican Island is now absorbed into Barbados through land reclamation, 1956–1961)
  • British Virgin Islands (43)
  • Cayman Islands (12)
  • Cuba (23)
  • Dominica (7)
  • Dominican Republic (2)
  • Grenada (39)
  • Guadeloupe (38)
  • Haiti (12)
  • Honduras (6)
  • Jamaica (26)
  • Martinique (50)
  • Montserrat (3)
  • Netherlands Antilles (25, this includes half of Saint Martin)
  • Puerto Rico (142)
  • Saint Barthelemy (13)
  • Saint Kitts-and-Nevis (20)
  • Saint Lucia (17)
  • Saint Martin (8)
  • Saint Vincent-and-the-Grenadines (39)
  • Trinidad-and-Tobago (21)
  • Turks-and-Caicos Islands (58)
  • United States Virgin Islands (81)
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